Day 77: Ruvi case sparks debate over hate crime legislation

This story from ABC Newshighlights some beliefs that anti-hate crime legislation has crossed a Constitutional barrier in policing the “character” of individuals. Apparently, prejudice and hate to the point if abuse, defamation, and harm are ideals still worth protecting for some in this country. I looked up some information on this country’s most recent anti-hate crime legislation, H.R. 1913, known as the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. The 2009 act signed by President Obama adds protection for individuals based on gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability (previously uncovered by the original 1969 legislation). It was equally parts disappointing an unsurprising to discover that the only two organizations that opposed the legislation were the American Family Association and Family Research Council. Why would two organizations with titles that contain the would family oppose hate crime protection based on gender, sexual orientation, and disability?


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