Day 96: Mark your calendars…Rally of Heritage this Saturday in Bloomington

Folks concerned about this rally are planning on showing up in black hoodies to raise awareness about acts of bias and hate against targeted racial groups. Here’s a link to the event:

From the Facebook event page: Turn out for a show of support for our Southern Heritage and Confederate History. April is Confederate History month, so come on out and let everyone know that our heritage is not something to be ashamed of. Bring your home-made signs and banners to spread a message of pride.

Day 93: Jesus is at IU, and He seems to be a bit off message

A evangelical campus group affiliated with a local church west of Bloomington is hosting and event titled Sexual By Design. The group is called Jesus at IU. Seeing how Jesus never once made a comment that could even be misconstrued to be pertaining to homosexuality, I think that this group that clearly see itself as representatives of Christ seem to be rather off topic with their homophobic series of lectures.

Instead of ranting a raving about the issue in a frustrated and unorganized way, I’ll just post some resources that address Christianity and sexuality. I am exhausted of ignorant factions of Christianity. Exhausted.

7 Bible Passages

Read Around Handout

Bible Quiz Handout